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OFFER: ওয়ার্ডপ্রেস ডিজাইন এবং এসএসএল(https://) সহ ডোমেইন -হোস্টিং মাত্র ১৮৫০ টাকায়!

What is Creators IT?

Creators IT is a leading Online Marketing Training Center in Pabna City! We Teach Affiliate Marketing, Web Designing, Search Engine Optimization and much more!

How can I Join?

Do you live in Pabna? If yes, Visit us anytime to know the procedure of joining CreatorsIT. If you’re outside of Pabna, Call us or Send us an Email.

What is the Course Fee?

It’s FREE! Yes. We offer Free training to Everyone but you’ll have to do 6 Months of Internship after completing the course of your like.

What do I need?

You’ll need to have a PC or a Laptop in Order to take these courses since you cannot do these works on your smartphones.

What do you teach? (I don’t know what you meant by Affiliate Marketing)

To make it clear, We will teach you how to promote other’s products on the internet and get commissions by doing that. It could be CPA (Cost Per Action) or Product Sales. But how? Well, through SEO and Web development.

Why should I choose Creators IT?

This is not an informational course. It’s practical. We will show you every part of the work by doing them live, Step-by-Step. So you won’t have any problem when doing by yourself.

Can I apply online?

Unfortunately, No. We only offer offline application right now, but Online application system will start soon.

Contact Information:

Address: Milu Housing, Afratpara, Chatmohar Pabna (Zip: 6630)

Call Us: 01796-701111


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